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DL Elektronisches Telefonbuch (ETB)

Product Type:
Electronic phone book and information system

Areas of Application:
For blind people at operator stations

DL ETB, electronic phone book, is used in government offices, city administrations, universities, industrial companies, savings banks and courts. An ergonomically optimized user interface compensates for blindness-related speed disadvantages and enables a competitive way of working, while at the same time there are advantages for sighted people and for people with motor impairments or a company. DL ETB controls any telephone system and can flexibly map organizational structures of an institution. If callers are to be transferred to the responsible consultants by their last name, for example, DL ETB knows that the letter ranges A to D and Lo to Pe are transferred to extensions 318 and 319. Correct routing can also be based on file numbers, tax or account numbers.

Business distribution plan
There is a component for DL ETB that represents the business distribution plan (GVP) in a form that is easy for blind people to use. Data from Active Directory and LDAP can also be made easily accessible with DL ETB. Intuitive searches for responsibilities, departments, room numbers and representatives are quick and easy. DL ETB has also been developed as an information system for service centers.

Sustainable working environment
Many programs with which blind users should work at authorities or companies are either inaccessible or time-consuming to use. In such cases, special adaptations by software engineers have to be developed for the so-called screen readers, i.e. the screen reading programs with which blind people operate PCs. This work is expensive and unsustainable. If the software changes, the adjustments often no longer work. The blind customers are therefore structurally dependent. DL ETB does not require any screen reader adjustments and therefore offers a sustainable working environment.

Flexible adjustments
DL ETB can be quickly and easily adapted to changing requirements. So any lists, such as B. easily integrate external numbers, vacation replacement plans or information on lost property. You can freely define what the speech should say and what should be shown on the Braille display in which form.

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