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Rapid Supreme Elektroheftgerät 5080e

Product Type:
Electric stapler

Areas of Application:
For example
- to relieve the musculoskeletal system
- for one-hand operation
- with motor restrictions

The electronic stapler with cassette load staples up to 80 Sheet of paper (80 g / m2). The cassette load is sufficient for 5000 stapling processes. The stapling depth is adjustable and the flat stapling mechanism prevents paper jams. Wear parts are automatically replaced when the cassette is changed.

Features / Components:
- electrical, operation with the included power supply unit
- quiet operation and low vibrations
- flat booklet technology reduces paper stack height by 30%

Technical Data:
Dimensions (W x H x D): 176 x 209 x 417 mm
output: up to 80 sheets (80 g / m2)
insertion depth: 50 mm
weight: 3 g

Options / Accessories:
- Foot Pedal

Price (without guarantee):
from 665.82 EUR including VAT (price of sales)



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LEITZ ACCO Brands GmbH & Co KG


Conrad Electronic SE

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