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DL Kontaktmanager

Product Type:
Office Software

Areas of Application:

System for the representation of work processes for professions in which communication is in the foreground

The DL contact manager is suitable for activities in the areas of organization, consulting, service, marketing, sales and planning , It automatically creates meaningful relationships between data. When a contact is invoked, the contact manager immediately or on request shows whether and which appointments the user has with that person, whether there are deadlines or open tasks, or whether there are open invoices. Callers are optionally detected automatically. The DL contact manager also provides direct access to documents from the caller, such as PDF, Microsoft Word, audio or video documents. There are currently 40 modules available to expand the system as needed. Its user interface is barrier-free. Upon request, assistants can format data into accessible data formats and into the blind shorthand. The data can thus be shared by sighted and blind users. Shortcuts can be used for frequently required functions, which can be freely defined. Alternatively, a search function is available.

Integration of Microsoft Products
The DL contact manager integrates Microsoft Office standard components. Thus, a letter in MS Word format with address, salutation, reference and file number can be generated automatically. Appointments can optionally be synchronized with MS Outlook. It is possible to synchronize contacts and appointments with smartphones based on Apple i OS or Android.

The DL contact manager maps work processes and can be easily adapted to new requirements. It automates operations that a sighted person can do with a click, but for whom a blind person has to make a long sequence of keystrokes

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