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Herdüberwachung Franzi für alle Elektroherde

Product Type:
Stove Monitor for Electric Stoves

Areas of Application:
- Dementia
- Memory Loss
- Limited Vision
- Fire Protection

The control unit is mounted between the power supply and the stove and cuts off the power when the heat on the stove becomes critical reached or when the preset authorized time of use is exceeded. Heat is monitored by the sensor mounted above the stove. If the sensor unit detects a serious heat build-up on the stove, the user receives a warning (yellow LED and sound signal). If the temperature reaches a critical point, the control unit receives a signal and the power supply is immediately interrupted and the stove is switched off.

Features / Components:
- Control unit and heat sensor
- Automatic cooker shutdown in case of excessive heat or optionally adjustable for cooking timeout
- Signaling at danger over multicolored LED and a signal tone

Price (without guarantee):
459,90 EUR incl. VAT (Price Seniola)



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Scanvest Deutschland GmbH


Scanvest Deutschland GmbH


SENIOLA Klaas Henschel

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