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Workplace design for an employee with dysmelia and arm impairment at an administration


The employer is a city management with approximately 14,000 employees.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The woman has a limb malformation (dysmelia) of the arms, caused by the ingestion of the drug thalidomide during pregnancy to her mother. The limb deformity causes a restriction of the gripping space and leads to problems when handling objects. In addition, can be produced only small body forces through the malformation and used for activities. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 100

Training and job:

The woman is certified social worker and for several years worked for the city administration.

Workplace and duties:

The woman working at the Office of Social Affairs and seniors as a consultant or contact person for seniors and people with disabilities. She cares for example, questions about housing, care, or leisure. For their work, their is an office with one workstation available. In order to work in this disability justice, a Kleinfeld keyboard is connected, corresponding to its limited grasping space. As a replacement for the computer mouse, it uses a touch sensor (Hula Point).
In addition, the window of her office space were provided with a sun protection, which is not equipped with a crank, but is electrically powered and therefore can be operated by the social worker independently via a switch.

Assistive devices used:

sunblind openers and sunblind closers
computer pointing devices
input software
assistive products for controlling illumination (sun protection)


The aids for disability-oriented design was supported by the Integration Office



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update status: 20.03.2009

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