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Barrier-free layout of the access way for a saleswoman with muscle atrophy


The company with its 731 employees produced batteries and large batteries that are used in vehicles, power plants and hospitals (as an emergency power supply).

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The woman has a spinal muscular atrophy and is therefore dependent on the constant use of an electric wheelchair. Because disability is their mobility, the gripping space and the physical strength limited. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 100 Your severely handicapped contains the markers G, aG, B and RF.

Training and job:

The woman completed after high school training as an industrial clerk. For many years she worked as a personnel clerk with their employer.

Workplace and duties:

The industrial business woman working in an office at a video workstation. She is responsible for wage and payroll.

Work environment (actual status):

Due to the merger of the sales department and its staff increase, the personnel department and the accounting department had to move premises in the neighboring building. The clerk can not reach their new job because the building adjacent to any means for avoiding barriers has (elevator, ramp, etc.).

Work environment (desired status):

In order that the clerk can get to work was built (closed version) from the old barrier-free building to the neighboring building, a transition or a connection to a length of about 19 m. About the elevator of the old building, the clerk reached the floor with the connection to the neighboring building. After crossing the compound, the clerk enters directly into the building next door to their office floor.

Assistive devices used:

electrically powered wheelchairs with electronic steering


The disability-friendly design was sponsored by the Office integration.
In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and telephone numbers of the offices for integration.



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