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Workplace design for a hard-of-hearing farmer


The man is an independent farmer.

Disability and Function restriction:

The man is hard of hearing and only limited capable of acoustic information, such. B. speech and signals to perceive. Because of the disability, therefore, audible information must be amplified in such a way that it is perceived acoustically by the man - without amplifying noise, so as not to further impair hearing. He has a GdB (degree of disability) of 80.


The man works as a farmer in his farm.

Workplace and work task:

The farmer works in the office and in the fields. As part of his office work, the farmer uses his hearing aids and their T-coil (telecoil) in conjunction with his phone for better communication with the interlocutors. In this case, the telephone receiver or the speech sends as sufficiently strong electromagnetic signals to the T-coil and the hearing aid converts these signals amplified into speech without disturbing background noise. With the help of an appropriate program, which has been adapted by the hearing care professional, also noise or noise can be attenuated to a certain extent and language can still be perceived. However, this was not sufficient when driving and working with the loud tractor, for this reason, a tractor with soundproof cabin was purchased.

Assistive devices used:

Behind-the-ear hearing aids
Landline phones

Support and participation:

The hearing aids were promoted by the agricultural health insurance to compensate for the disability. They correspond to the state of the art and help in the private sector to compensate for the disability-related restrictions - which according to judges opinion today with such hearing aids according to the profession is possible. The soundproof booth (additional costs) was funded by the Integration and Inclusion Office, with advice from the Technical Advisory Service. The consultation, measurements and adjustment of the hearing aids were carried out by the hearing care professional.



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