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Workplace layout for a secretary with shoulder impairment and walking impairment


The employer is an advisory and training facility in church-run.

Disability and functional impairment of the employee:

The woman has a bilateral knee injury and to the right a shoulder disorder. Due to the knee injury she can not walk and relies on the use of a forearm (left). Because of the shoulder disease, they can raise the right arm only maximum shoulder high. It should therefore not be used for activities requiring a certain degree of mobility, lifting and carrying and taking certain postures. The degree of disability is 70th

Education and job:

The trained industrial clerk is employed for several years with the employer as a secretary.

Workplace and task (current status):

The secretary working in a single office at a computer workstation with ergonomic chair and electrically height adjustable work table on the 1st floor of the administration building, which can be reached via an elevator. They settled there secretariat and commercial work (for example, accounting, invoice processing) and is responsible for the planning and organization of training.
By shoulder disease and the use of the forearm support is their only possible to lift a little and small items and to wear. The handling of the file folder and in the filing cabinets (upper and lower two levels) it is not automatically possible. The work on the PC leads to rapid fatigue of the right arm and finger stiffness or a cramp in his right hand. Handwritten notes with telephone calls are very cumbersome. The preparation and implementation of the catering in-house training events is automatically not possible as this is associated with prolonged standing and walking in the kitchen as well as two-handed work.

Workplace and task (desired status):

The filing cabinet in the office was replaced by an office Paternoster (carousel), which enables removal and storage of files into an ergonomic posture. In addition, were in the office at work stations for relief and support of the arms (especially the right arm) installed movable forearm supports the work table and placed a trackball and ergonomic keyboard is available to reduce the shoulder-arm movement.
Through the use of a floor trolley with hand brake lever (dead man - car brakes automatically when released) is a storage and provision and transport possible. The car can be used at the same time to prepare the catering. A saddle chair makes as mobile standing aid, for example in the kitchen, in addition to a discharge.
The redesigning the workplace, the secretary is again in a position to do their job tasks independently.

Assistive devices used:

elbow crutches
computer pointing devices (trackballs)
arm supports to permit manual activities
stools and standing chairs
storage and supply systems
hand operated industrial transport equipment

Promotion and participation:

The workplace with an ergonomic office chair and and electric height adjustable work table features once fostered already qualified for the participation in working life of the German Pension Fund. The employer requested later when Integrationsamt compensation of extraordinary stress due to reduced output. Under the advice of the Integration Office or its Technical Advisory Service of the workplace could handicap accessible and designed to compensate for the extraordinary burden on the workers - it was for the employer no economic advantage.
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