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Education and workplace of a public prosecutor with growth disorder


The employer is the Ministry of Justice of a state or local Attorney General

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The severely disabled woman is dwarfed and has a height of 1.12 m. Your body measurements are reduced and their grasping space / legroom as well as their mobility is limited. It is dependent for locomotion on the use of a cane or crutches

Training and job:

After the woman left the school with the Abitur, she initially wanted to study medicine. Due to her disability, she however is not approved as a doctor would have received. They therefore decided to study law. During the study there were some problems, such as the books on the shelves of libraries were too high and the literature-based seminar papers were therefore possible only in group work. It looked and gave her fellow students the books and they considered this from. To compensate for the disability-related disadvantages for the provision of credits, provided the Integration Office of the student for house work, a study assistance available and the university or the Examination Office granted in each case the extension of the processing time for homework, exams and the written exam tests. After studying and first state examination, she moved to the clerkship, under which she worked, among other things at a prosecutor's office. She worked there from, among other indictments and penalty orders and kept pleading in court. In the pleadings, she wore a black suit instead of a robe, as there was not this in such a short form. She eventually completed her internship successfully and is now working as a prosecutor
In REHADAT You can also find special counseling services for students with disabilities

Workplace and work duties:

The prosecutor works for the most part at one adapted to their needs or disability justice work in a office. The low office chair at her workplace screen has wide padded armrests and a shortened seat. The low height of the office chair allows easy setting / rising and the shortened seat a normal bending the knees and support the feet on the floor. For computers on the work table includes a special split keypad that can be used in a restricted area without difficulty gripping. The files required for case processing or stapler and folder requested by her and brought judicial expert hosts into her office and there on a custom-built workbench with a roundabout (rotary table) is stored. By pressing a button, the prosecutor can start the rotation of the work table electric motor and position the appropriate file for viewing on. This has the advantage that they do not bend over the work table or climb a ladder to a shelf, in order to gain access to files.
An additional help is her guide dog, who was trained eV Vita Assistance Dogs. It was specially designed for the situations where the woman is in need of help and thus guarantees their greater independence. He helps her example, when you unlock the forearm or of small objects (pens, paper, etc.) from the floor.
In REHADAT You will also find contact for assistance dogs.
Another part of your working time spends the prosecutor in the courtroom. In court or during the negotiations, the prosecutor bears a tailored robe. In the courtroom, the prosecutor used in the sometimes lengthy negotiations, a specially manoeuvrable power wheelchair with lift seat and footrest

Work environment - mobility:

The daily commute puts the prosecutor with their car with automatic transmission and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors back. It was in addition to disability-friendly accommodation with:
- a customized vehicle seat with an electrically continuous 6-way seat adjustment (height and tilt adjustment, front and back),
- a small sports steering wheel with buttons to operate the secondary functions (blinkers, wipers , horn and light),
- a modified power steering to operate one people with a low arm strength,
- Pedal extensions for actuating gas and brake,
- a brake booster for lighter brakes,
- an extension to operate the hand brake and the automatic selector lever ,
- a larger rear-view mirror to compensate for the limited rear view field and
- a heater to prevent snow and ice must be removed from the discs equipped
In addition, the vehicle has a loading aid (electric crane) with whom she her tricycle one. - and can unload. For guiding the cars associated requirements of the driving license office and TÜV have been made.
In REHADAT You'll also find information on the topics of driver's license and driving license regulations and driving schools for disabled people.
The prosecutor is parked in a reserved for her parking space near the entrance . The building's entrance is at ground level and the prosecutor's office in its third Stock can be reached by elevator. The doors on the way to her office, she can even open or her guide dog

Assistive devices used:

motor vehicle accessories and adjustments to controlling the speed (pedal adjustments)
to control the brake for locking and releasing the parking brake
motor vehicle accessories and adjustments for operating the steering
motor vehicle accessories and adjustments for operating the Additional functions
motor vehicle seats and cushions as well as accessories and customizations
foot-propelled tricycles and quadricycles
electrically powered wheelchairs with electronic steering (with seat lift)
Keyboards (split keyboards)
work and office chairs (for people of small stature)


The disability-related work planning, the car purchase (partially) and the car customization was supported by the Integration Office.
In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and telephone numbers of the offices for integration.



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