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Case Study Examination modification for a precision mechanic

Disability and impairment:

The man is of short stature. Due to his short stature, his grasping space is restricted and he therefore needs a little more time for certain tasks.

Training and job:

The examinee completed vocational training as a precision mechanic.

Examination modification:

An application was made to the Chamber of Skilled Crafts (HWK) for an extension of 45 minutes for the skills examination to compensate for a disadvantage. The chamber agreed to the application and the examination board was informed of this by the examination chairperson. The requested time extension was necessary because the trainee needed more time for certain activities due to his disability. The skills test also took place in the training company, as there were platforms on the required machines to compensate for the limited gripping space.

Further Information

and participation:
The examination fees incurred can be subsidized up to 100 percent by the integration or inclusion office.

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Last Update: 27 Feb 2023