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Case Study Examination modification for an office clerk

Disability and functional limitation:

The woman has spasticity, which leads to a limitation of hand motor skills and movement coordination.

Training and job:

The woman is completing vocational training as an office clerk.

Examination modification:

In order to enable the woman to pass the final examination, the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) agreed to an examination modification to compensate for the disability-related disadvantages. As the examinee is unable to produce legible handwritten work due to her disability, she was provided with a laptop for the final examination. With the help of the laptop, she was able to enter the correct solution letters into a file for the programmed multiple choice parts of the examination.
In another part of the exam, where accounting records had to be entered in accounts, the paper pad was greatly enlarged. The trainee was thus able to solve the tasks by handwriting. In addition, she was given an extension of time in all parts of the examination.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

The examination fees incurred can be subsidised up to 100% by the integration or inclusion office (in accordance with SGB IX §185 Paragraph 3 Number 2).

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Last Update: 7 Mar 2007