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Case Study Workplace design for a trainee radio documentarian

Disability and functional limitation:

The man is severely visually impaired. He has very limited ability to perceive visual information.

Vocational training:

The man completed vocational training as a documentarian or radio documentarian.

Workplace and work task:

For successful participation in the vocational training, the computer workstation had to be adapted or equipped with assistive products to compensate for the visual impairment.
In the course of the vocational training, the trainee had to convert a considerable amount of teaching material in black print into a form that was readable for him, i.e. enlarged or audible. The acquisition of a scanner with optical text recognition was therefore necessary. After scanning, the trainee could listen to the texts via a sound card and loudspeakers or have them enlarged by software and displayed on the new large screen.
Since the trainee had to evaluate a lot of information (photos, pictures, graphics, etc.) in paper format during his vocational training at the radio station, it was necessary to purchase a screen reader (camera reader). With the help of the screen reader, the trainee could view the appropriately enlarged information on the large screen of the computer.
The trainee could only manage the training reports or homework during the theoretical training, including a large term paper for obtaining the final certificate, with the help of a computer, appropriate magnification software, voice output, voice input, large screen, monitor swivel arm and printer.
The combination of large print, voice output, and voice input (using a head set) allowed the trainee to work faster and allowed rest for the eyes while working. The trainee had to be satisfactorily trained in the use of the assistive products, hardware and software to get the maximum benefit from their workstation equipment.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

The costs of workplace design and vocational training suitable for disabled people were borne by the employment agency. Advice was provided by the Technical Advisory Service (TBD) of the Employment Agency.

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Last Update: 4 Jun 2018