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Getrieberohrständer PLB 450 G PowerLine

Product Type:

Geared Steering Column with Integrated Fine Feeder

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PLB 450 G PowerLine, Getriebebohrständer

Areas of Application:

for example, to relieve the musculoskeletal system

The traveling equipment holder, which supports the drill when creating wells and core holes, provides low fatigue drilling. The integrated fine feed 1: 3 improves the feed control. The drilling depth can be read off from the scaling. The adjusting screws help with exact alignment. A possible pre-assembly of brackets on the wall is also eliminated. The geared drill stand reduces holding, relieving the hands, wrists and shoulders. The feed lever allows a tool-free change, making the operating side is freely selectable. All control elements can be adjusted with a 19 mm wrench size. The transport of the PLB 450 G PowerLine is facilitated by means of transport rollers.

Features / Components:

- Machine mount by universal coupling
- Guides / Bearings: smooth, wear-resistant, adjustable
- Rack: interchangeable, rust-free, 45 degree swivel
- Dragonflies: simple leveling
- Feed lever: tool-free, easy to select the operating side

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Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH Eibenstock
Auersbergstr. 10
08309 Eibenstock
Germany Telephone: 037752 5030 Email: Homepage:


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Technical Data:

Column length: 960 mm, aluminum
Guide: 6-fold
Max. Tilt: 45 degrees
Space saving (dowels): 295 x 195 mm
Max. Drill diameter at 90 degrees: 450 mm
Weight: 26 kg



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