Assistive Product
BLACK CAT Sicherheits-Antirutschmatten (BC)

Product Type:

Anti-slip mat
various cuts

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  1. BLACK CAT Sicherheits-Antirutschmatten (BC)
  2. BLACK CAT Sicherheits-Antirutschmatten (BC)
  3. Antirutschmatte Anwendungsbeispiel

Areas of Application:

for the safe provision of working materials (for example, helpful for motor impairments)


In trade, industry and the transport industry, the anti-slip mat is used, for example, for the provision and transport of sensitive parts. In workshops, industry and trade, manufacturing processes and picking processes are considerably simplified.

The anti-slip mat also fixes objects during automatic or semi-automatic workpiece handling. On conveyor belts, turntables, feeders, metal parts, glasses, injection-molded parts and galvanic parts can be fixed, transported, removed and replaced - without clamping mechanism, plug-in mechanism, magnetic mechanism or positioning mechanism.

In addition, objects can be stored safely in drawers.

Features / Components:

- Substrate: immovable on surfaces up to an inclination of 60 degrees
- Washable: up to 60 degrees
- Resistance to acids and bases, oil, gasoline and diesel
- Cuttable: with scissors
- Roll width: to Desire, extra widths

Price (without guarantee):

rolls: 38,00 - 228,00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail prices)

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Carl Stahl Hebetechnik GmbH
Tobelstr. 2
73079 Süßen
Germany Telephone: 0800 244244110 Email: Homepage:


Carl Stahl Hebetechnik GmbH
Tobelstr. 2
73079 Süßen
Germany Telephone: 0800 244244110 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Roll width: 250 - 430 mm
material thickness. 3.30 mm
Sliding friction coefficients: μ 0.70 to μ 1.23
Temperature resistance: approx. -40 degrees C to + 120 degrees C, flame retardant



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