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Assistive Product Kugelgelenkschraubstock JUNIOR

Product Type:

Ball joint vice

Areas of Application:

for example
- to relieve the musculoskeletal system

Practical examples with vises


The ball joint vice is a clamping system for screwing onto workbenches. The alignment of the clamped workpieces is possible in all directions due to the ball joint. This makes it easier to achieve an ergonomic working position.

Features / Components:

- Vise: with ball joint plate for table tops up to 75 mm t

Price (without guarantee):

from 144,75 EUR plus VAT.

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joke Technology GmbH
Asselborner Weg 14 - 16
51429 Bergisch Gladbach
Germany Telephone: 02204 839-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Jaw width: 80 mm
Clamping width: 65 mm
Clamping depth: 50 mm
Inclination: 50 mm

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Last Update: 8 Sep 2022