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Bohrgerätträger MAG 80

Product Type:
Drilling carrier

Areas of Application:
for example to relieve the musculoskeletal system

The Magnetor MAG 80 can be used universally with the aid of various adapters and is suitable for both electric and compressed air drills. The magnetic drill stands are equipped with a reclosing lock.

Technical Data:
Cable with plug:4 m
Core drill:max. 150 mm
Twist drill:max. 32 mm
Stroke:290 mm
Swivel range:346 degrees
Displaceability:+/- 10 mm
Rated power consumption:70 W
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Magnetic force:25000 N
Weight:25 kg

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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Magnetor GmbH


Magnetor GmbH

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