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ESD-Vakuumpipette Vampire Classic-Set - Vakuumpinzette

Product Type:

Vacuum pipette / Vacuum tweezers

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ESD-Vakuumpipette Vampire Classic-Set - Vakuumpinzette

Areas of Application:

For example
- For fine motor restrictions


The ESD vacuum pipette / vacuum tweezers is suitable for lifting, placing or moving small components. Even the smallest SMD components can be handled simply, safely and precisely. The anti-static design (ESD-Save) ensures safe working on voltage-sensitive components. Needles and suction cups that are not in use can be safely stored in the housing of the vacuum pipette at any time. All suction cups are temperature insensitive to 180 degrees C.

Features / Components:

- 1 Angled Needle
- 1 Straight Needle
- 1 ESD Suction Cup 4mm
- 1 ESD Suction Cup 6mm
- 1 ESD Suction Cup 9mm
- 1 care oil

Price (without guarantee):

47.95 EUR including VAT (recommended retail price)

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Berliner Chaussee 74
15234 Frankfurt
Germany Telephone: 0335 28003020 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Dimensions: 150 x 4 mm
Capacity: up to 120 g
Weight: up to 69 g

Options / Accessories:

- Extension Set
- Micro Needle
- Standard Needle
- ESD Suction Cup Set



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