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Shopping cart with seat

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  1. CitySeat als Gepäckroller
  2. CitySeat zusammengeklappe
  3. CitySeat Einkaufswagen


CitySeat is a combined shopping and luggage rack with seating.
It is suitable for people who do not need a walker yet.
The seat is folded over the bag, whereby a high and sitting position is obtained and can also sit when the roller is loaded.
For the use of the CitySeat as shopping cart, a tailor-made bag is included, which can be removed from the view.
Without the bag, CitySeat can be used as a luggage reel.
If travel bags and other large items of luggage are transported on the scooter, the seating possibility is retained. As one sits above its load, one has its things under supervision.

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210,90 EUR tax included (Sales)
Final consumer price
Price Date:13.02.2017

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Im Steinenmüller 2
4142 Münchenstein
Switzerland Telephone: +41 61 4112424 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Loading area approx .: 32 x 32 cm
Seat height: 56 cm
Wheel diameter: 16.5 cm
Wheel width: 4 cm
Loading load: 40 kg
Seat load dynamic: 130 kg
Static: 160 kg
Weight: 4.5 kg



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