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Tragfix Pro

Product Type:

Carrying aid

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Areas of Application:

For example, to relieve the musculoskeletal system


The use of a carrying and locking handle facilitates the transport of opened bagged goods. The handle is placed around the opening of the opened bag like a giant bag clasp and can then be carried in an upright posture and without releasing dust. The strain on the hands and arms as well as the back is reduced.
The Tragfix is used in industry, craft, gastronomy, horticulture or for hobby. It protects the contents of the opened bags from humidity, vermin and spills.

Features / Components:

- Material: plastic
- 3-stage snap-lock system
- Simple and back-friendly wearing comfort

Price (without guarantee):

15.90 EUR including VAT (recommended retail price)

Further Information

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Martin Ecker
Bahnhofstr. 31
97714 Ebenhausen
Germany Telephone: 09725 7098900 Email: Homepage:


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Technical Data:

Length: 41 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height with handle: 12.5 cm
Clamping width: max. 34.5 cm
load capacity: 25 kg
weight: 475 g



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