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Work design for an employee with Parkinson's Disease in the quality assurance


The company with more than 1000 employees in two plants fireplaces and stoves ago. The components are largely manufactured in our own production. 2008 was one of the part of the company works the land price for the exemplary employment of severely disabled people, as the employer in a special way to creating and maintaining job opportunities for people with severe disabilities. To preserve the jobs and the work capacity of the employees, the company entered into an agreement with the AOK from the corporate integration management (BEM). There are also sports facilities in cooperation with a fitness center, accompanied by a sports specialist AOK.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The man is suffering from Parkinson's disease. He is physically only slightly resilient, has a tremor and a slowed motor skills and movement coordination. Through the use of medication to make up now the effects of the tremor (trembling) only slightly noticeable. He was awarded a first degree of handicap of 40. During this time he was equated with severe disabilities. With the deterioration of the health status of the degree of handicap was increased to 50.

Training and job:

The man works as a production assistant in the quality assurance of the employer.
The originating from the manufacturing ceramic stove tiles are transported on pallets or smaller trolley to the warehouse and stored there in part in shelves. For quality testing and commissioning of the employee removes the tiles with an electric minilifter (small truck) from the shelf. The mini lifter allows it the storage and retrieval of the different heights of the storage area. The actual exam (visual inspection) is done on a special workbench. The Commission's filing is done with the help of an electro-hydra bluish scissor lift truck, which can be positioned at an ergonomic working height, on pallets. In conjunction with a standing aid (standing seat) a dynamic change of posture is made possible (between standing or stand-sitting) in the examination of the tiles. The picked pallets are

Assistive devices used:

stools and standing chairs
hand-operated pallet truck (small forklift / minilifter)
lifting and positioning systems (scissor)

Work organisation:

Disability Because it comes with the employee during the activity to premature fatigue, which can be compensated by repeated pauses in the day for the most part. Granted by the employer multiple breaks and slowed movements lead to an overall low work performance of the employee or to an extraordinary burden on employers, which also can not be compensated by the use of tools or measures of work organisation.


The electro-hydraulic scissor lift was funded 100% by the German pension insurance as a benefit for participation in working life. The mini lifter and the standing aid were delivered to 70% at the accompanying job aids. The employer also receives a monthly Integration Office under-performance compensation and care allowance to compensate for the extraordinary burdens.
In REHADAT You can also find on the telephone number the German Pension Insurance and integration offices.



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