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Layout of a workplace for three severely disabled kitchen helpers and landscapers


The employer operates at the highway rest stop with a restaurant

1. Disabled people

Disability and functional limitation:

The man is missing after an amputation of the left forearm. His grasping space and its capabilities are to grasp objects and to handle limited. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 50

Education and work:

The man was re-set by the employer as a kitchen helper and landscapers

2. Disabled people

Disability and functional limitation:

The man has a bone stiffener to the right hand, where the hand additionally isolated phalanges are missing (limbs partial loss). The obstruction of the right hand, implies that it can be used only restricted for gripping and handling objects and loads. In addition, the man is mentally handicapped. The degree of disability is 60 (degree of handicap 60)


The man works as a kitchen helper and landscape managers with his employer

3. Disabled people

Disability and functional limitation:

The man has a leg shortening and large scars on the shortened leg. It can not be used permanently disability due to physical work and walking long distances. The degree of his disability is 50 (degree of handicap 50)


The man works as a kitchen helper and landscape managers with his employer

Workplace and work duties (actual status):
The three employees work mainly in three shifts as a kitchen helper. In the kitchen area, especially the flushing of the cooking utensils (pans, larger pots, etc.) and glasses belong to their duties. They are additionally used for the care of the entire grounds and performing minor repairs to the building. Employees are significantly impacted physically by the turf cutting with the hand mower and manual washing of cooking utensils and glasses

Workplace and work duties (desired status):
To avoid physical stress for the employees working in the kitchen and landscape maintenance need a dishwasher for glasses , a universal machine for the cooking utensils and a compact tractor or lawn tractor for mowing and sweeping with the appropriate accessories (mower, Frontkehrbesen and receptacle) to be purchased

Assistive devices used:

landscaping, agricultural and construction machines and equipment
cleaning machines and equipment


The design work was funded by the Office integration to 75%. The employment agency paid the employer a wage subsidy (1st year 60%, 2nd year 50%, 3rd year 40%) as integration assistance for the newly recruited severely disabled employee because he was unemployed before.
In REHADAT you will find the address and Tel the employment agencies and integration offices.



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  • wage costs subsidy /
  • assistive product /
  • amputation

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