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Layout of a workplace for a gardener with a paralysed arm in a gardening business


The employer runs a non-profit making qualification, training and employment company which supports, among others, a gardening business. A health shop is attached to the gardening business where vegetables from the garden are sold.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

He suffers from paralysis of the left arm which limits his grasp. His degree of disability is 50 (GdB 50).


The trained gardener has worked for four years for his employer.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

He works in a market garden where vegetables are grown biologically. Here he is responsible for the planning, planting and marketing of the biologically grown vegetables. For planting and harvesting the vegetables as well as for the care of the green areas he uses a tractor, a lawn mower, a free cutting saw, etc.
Driving the 10-15 year old tractor is no problem for him. However, he has problems if during the drive he must turn the plough or adjust the height of the rotary hoe. He can start the free cutting saw without problems, however, due to his disability he has problems manipulating or using it with only the right hand.
Another part of his activities is the support of mentally ill colleagues who are being prepared for the free job market under his instructions.

Workplace (desired status):

The problems with ploughing can be overcome by a new smaller tractor with a suitable setup or equipment.
For operating the free cutting saw he can use a technical aid or holding device manufactured by an orthopaedic surgeon, which he can attach to himself. For operating the free cutting saw the left grip of the saw is attached to the orthopaedic aid. He can now use the free cutting saw with the right hand and with the help of his upper body.

Assistive devices used:

landscaping, agricultural and construction machines and equipment


The disabled-friendly layout was supported by the Main Welfare Office.



  • physical disability /
  • gardener /
  • tractor /
  • paralysis /
  • one-handedness /
  • one-hand operation /
  • working equipment /
  • work task /
  • handling /
  • employment /
  • participation in working life /
  • participation /
  • full-time job /
  • employer /
  • employee /
  • vocational rehabilitation /
  • arm /
  • hand /
  • brush cutter /
  • driving /
  • agriculture, nature and environment /
  • handling and transport /
  • body posture and body part movement /
  • environmental influences, safety and loads /
  • office for vocational integration /
  • hand impairment /
  • arm impairment /
  • arm paralysis /
  • gardening /
  • gripping /
  • holding /
  • body posture /
  • lifting /
  • carrying /
  • finger hand movement /
  • reaching area /
  • body load /
  • shoulder arm movement /
  • workplace design /
  • technical advice /
  • assistive product

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