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Work layout for a teacher with an arm amputation


The employer is a school or a district government.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The teacher lost in a private accident his right hand and his right forearm (limb loss). The actual right-handers had after the accident only in a so-called One-handed learn his left hand for fine motor activities, such as writing with pen or keyboard to use. The failure of the right forearm and right hand leads to limitations in the handling of objects and to a limited grasping space. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 60


The man works as a teacher of mathematics at the employer:

Workplace and duties (actual status):

The lessons take place in conventional classrooms. Due to the loss of the right hand of the actual right-handed or the teacher is forced panel paintings with his left hand to develop and to write. The necessary for the development of panel paintings aids (eg a ruler) and media (eg, blackboard) he must also disability-related handled with the left hand. The development of the tables and the handling of the tools are very time consuming and require the teacher very much.

Workplace and duties (desired status):

The teacher needs to develop his panel paintings and the tools necessary for handling a magnetic folding sliding panel where he can magnetic tools, such as a ruler, staple for one-handed use and write with chalk. In addition, he needed to prepare lessons, a laptop and a scanner, so he teaching materials such as Can create spreadsheets, and presentations with educational content. The laptop is also used in conjunction with a projector to present the lesson content in the classroom on the white wall. The laptop and the projector are moved using a trolley or carriage lockable media for the classroom. The media carts can be stored in a special lockable storage.

Assistive devices used:

storage and supply systems

work organisation:

The teacher will no longer enter the classrooms, but the students come into the room with the magnetic blackboard. The teacher must be as the media car at the beginning of his working day push to the storeroom only to the classroom and at the end of the work day again.

Support and participation:

The disability-related work planning was funded by the Office integration. The consultation was carried out by the Engineer Professional services for disability-related work planning the integration office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service.
In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and telephone numbers of the offices for integration.



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