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Car adaptation for a delivery driver with dysmelia


The employer is a beverage trade with a home service for residential and business customers. The owner of the beverage trade is the mother of a disabled employee's disability and functional limitation

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The employee has a limb malformation (dysmelia) arms and hands. The grip area, the load handling (the gripping, holding and carrying), the application of forces and the ability to operate controls is severely limited. The degree of disability (handicap) is 100 The severely handicapped contains the markers B, G and H.


The man is an office administrator and the employer employed as a clerk and delivery driver

Work duties:

- Disposition of goods and ordering
- advising clients
- proof of delivery and invoices
- errands - deliveries

Work environment - mobility:

The man used for trips to the bank, post office and the delivery of drinks with his colleagues a disability meet customized vans. After an accident with total loss of the use of the van was no longer possible. Thus, the employees could continue to be used in the line of duty, a used van with a disability-related supplementary equipment (automatic transmission, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, central locking, electric windows and electric sliding doors) was purchased new, the as follows rebuilt for further disability equitable adjustment and had to be fitted:
- Linear lever steering and extra battery for the safety circuit,
- electric parking brake,
- extended selector lever for the automatic transmission,
- remote control for operating the secondary functions (indicators, lights, horn, wipers, etc.)
- gripping tool to achieve and closing of the safety belt.
Since the previous vehicle had a pedal steering (Ohnarmlenkung), which was replaced by a linear lever steering, the man had to complete a twenty hour training session to go fully allowed. In the linear lever steering, the steering angle is a right or left movement of a installed in restricted grasping space lever causes.
The man has a license, which is valid only in conjunction with an adapted vehicle.
In REHADAT You'll also find information on the topics of driver's license , driving license regulations and driving schools for disabled people

Assistive devices used:

motor vehicle accessories and adjustments to control the speed
controlling the brake for locking and releasing the parking brake
motor vehicle accessories and adjustments for operating the steering
motor vehicle accessories and customizations for the actuation of auxiliary functions

Support and participation:

The disability related auxiliary equipment as well as adaptation of the transporter and the training were funded 100% from the Integration Office . The consultation was carried out by the vehicle converters and Engineer Professional services for disability-related work planning the integration office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service
In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and phone numbers of car refitters and the integration offices..



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