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Professional reintegration and workplace design for a forklift truck driver with a hand prosthesis


The company with its 400 employees a year ago over 45,000 tons of gray and ductile iron. The production range also includes castings made of special materials. The castings produced are already delivered ready for installation to a large extent.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The severely disabled man was amputated after an accident at work left hand. He therefore wears a prosthetic hand on his left arm. His gripping ability is restricted due to disability and should not be used for frequent and heavy manual handling (lifting, holding and carrying) loads.

Training and job:

The staff is trained as an industrial mechanic and works with the employer after a qualifying measure as a forklift driver in the warehouse area. After his surgery, a career aptitude test took place in a hospital trade association and he learned how to deal with the hand prosthesis. In the DEKRA he acquired after verifying that all physical and mental requirements are met and the existence of the special examination to driving trucks according to the regulations of the trade association, the forklift driver's license (certificate of competency to drive trucks). After two months of training by another colleague, the man could take over its tasks in the area of ??the bearing independently.
The man works in a large hall with a high-bay warehouse, in the 2,400 storage locations in five floors, for example, core boxes, mold plates or tools are on and outsourced. In addition to its disposal screen workstation with a corresponding storage software where he can view and print the plans request a disability-friendly electric reach truck or forklift was purchased. With this he transported such as the core boxes, mold plates or tools in the area of ??the warehouse and production. It shall or shall he also move with a forklift truck in traffic. The truck has a very smooth-running electric power steering, which, in conjunction with a smaller steering wheel and a steering wheel knob a slight control of the truck with the help of the hand prosthesis. He has freely around the requirement plan, which is carried on the forklift to handle the right hand. Can also be programmed in forklift lifting heights, so that the employee can work easily and quickly. Through a controllable with one hand and electrically operated jib crane of employees may also refer to a staging area such as Tops of molds that are too heavy for the high-bay warehouse throughout, lift and put on pallets. In winter, the employees also are specially adapted for him gloves available

Assistive devices used:

prosthetic hands and prosthetic digits
Motor vehicle accessories and adjustments for operating the steering (steering wheel button)
Power-driven transport vehicles for lifting and transporting material (forklift)
Cranes, Hoists and hoisting equipment (cranes)

Support and participation:

Workplace design was the integration office and training for forklift operators promoted by the professional association (because of the accident).
During the rehabilitation and reintegration of professional helpers (Rehab Manager), the professional association and the SHE representatives were the central point of contact for the employee.
In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and phone - numbers of the integration offices and professional associations.



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