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Euroflex EXL Heavy Duty Arbeits- und Bürostuhl

Product Type:
work chair

Special Feature:
electrically height adjustable

Areas of Application:
for heavyweight persons up to 260 kg

The work chair Euroflex Heavy Duty is a special construction for heavy persons and can carry up to 260 kg thanks to its double electric lift drive, the double spine bracing and reinforced seat crosses. Comfortable seating is ensured by the large seating area, the seat upholstery and foams with increased compression hardness.

Features / Components:
- Backrest: height adjustable
- Seat: electrically height adjustable by 2 lifting columns, tilt-adjustable, rounded seat leading edge
- Armrests: upholstered, height adjustable, open
- Operation: Hand control for electrical adjustment is mounted under the armrest and removable. A knob on the lower part of the armrests allows the height of the armrests to be adjusted. The backrest can be adjusted at the bottom by 2 knobs.
- Upholstery: cover fabric Black Dot, blue video or gray video
- Underframe: sprung, 4-foot cross
- Castors: 4 electric brakes on all wheels

Technical Data:
Back part: 55x35 / 65x35 cm
Backrest height adjustable: 32-42 cm
Seat height: 50-76 cm
Seat size: 60x45 / 70x50 cm
Seat tilt manually: -3 to +3 degrees
Height of armrests: 8-26 cm
Wide armrests: 8 cm
Length of armrests: 38 cm
Roll diameter: 100 mm
Load capacity: 260 kg
Weight: 42/53 kg

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Eurovema AB


Volaris Deutschland GmbH

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