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Gussasphaltkleinkocher 0,5t - 2t

Product Type:
asphalt cooker

Special Feature:

Areas of Application:
for example, to relieve the musculoskeletal system and the spine

The product selection and description of the ergonomic advantages was made by the AG Ergonomie der BG Bau:
Usually the mastic asphalt is delivered to the construction site by truck with a cast asphalt paver. The further transport of the 220 - 260 degrees C hot mass from the tap to the installation point in the building by hand by the so-called carrier. Usually carried with the carrying yoke and two wooden buckets. For each transport process, the carrier carries two filled wooden buckets including a carrying yoke with a total weight of approx. 55 - 60 kg. At ground level installation sites, wheelbarrows are sometimes used as an aid.
The transport of mastic asphalt places a heavy strain on the musculature and the skeletal system for the affected persons. Crane-type asphalt mixers with agitators and separate heat supply are available to facilitate transport.
The use of a craneable asphalt cooker results in a considerable reduction in hoist load and carrying load and thus the burden of the spine. The proportion of physically heavy work is significantly reduced. The time share for transport is also reduced.

Features / Components:
- silenced exhaust top engine
- bottom surface temperature sensor temperature control
- temperature: digital display
- automatic ignition with automatic reignition
- oval burner with pilot burner
- Flame monitoring with repeat ignition
- 2 Gas bottle holder for 11 kg bottles
- modified agitator
- Hydraulic agitator drive

Technical Data:
ATK H 0,5 Content: 250 l
ATK H 1 Contents: 500 l
ATK H 1,2 Content: 600 l
ATK H 2 Contents: 800 l

Options / Accessories:
- Filling funnel for direct filling by the mixing plant
- height-adjustable pulling device for tandem trailer

Price (without guarantee):
The price depends on the individual customer requirements.



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R. Kolberg GmbH Baumaschinen


R. Kolberg GmbH Baumaschinen

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