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BodyBilt Executive Seating

Product Type:
Working chair, swivel chair

Areas of Application:
For example, to relieve the musculoskeletal system

The work chair of the BodyBilt series offers solutions for a variety of special problems in the workplace. BodyBilt is based on the concept of natural (weightless) posture, which was developed in NASA studies on a stress-free optimal body alignment in a weightless environment.
The contours of the Bodybilt seating systems reduce pressure and distribute body weight more evenly on the seat. This reduces the pressure generated by sitting by 50%, supports the pelvis and spine and improves blood flow to the lower body. The special support system for the lumbar vertebrae area and the optional Air Lumbar pump provide individually adapted support for the lower back and relieve overstretched ligaments, relieve muscle fatigue, misalignment of the back vertebrae and pinched back nerves.

Features / Components:
- Backrest: tilt-adjustable, height-adjustable , neck support
- seat: adjustable, height adjustable, seat adjustment, seat shells contoured
- armrests: adjustable, width adjustable, adjustable inclination
- padding: memory sport foam, ROHO cushion
- tilting tension: adjustable
- Air Lumbar pump
- damping cylinder
- Castors: for carpet, solid surface

Options / Accessories:
- Neck roll: height adjustable
- Foot ring
- Brake casters
- Oversized casters

Price (without guarantee):
The price is based on individual customer requirements.



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ErgoGenesis, LLC


ErgoGenesis, LLC

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