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Aufrichthilfe EASY UP

Product Type:
Standing up aid

Users with reduced motor control of the lower limbs and trunk will find it easier to stand up and maintain an upright posture.
This process is supported by a chest support that accompanies the user throughout the entire raising movement. The chest support is equipped with a safety sensor that can block the raising movement at any time. Numerous settings allow the Easy Up to be adapted to the patient's physical characteristics. An optional sliding bag is available on which the wheelchair cushion can be fixed. There is no need for any transfer to the standing-up aid.

Features / Components:
- Back belt
- Leg Strap
- Cushion for standard seat plate
- Poster for long seat plate
- Foot Strap
- Slide pocket for long seat plate
- Side pad incl. buttock guide with long holder for depth adjustment
- Fuselage support incl. mounting material
- Headrest, only in combination with side pads and backrest incl. mounting material

- EASY UP 2320: Erecting supported with gas pressure spring, standard seat
- EASY UP 2420: Erecting supported by electric motor, standard seat
- EASY UP 4320: Erecting supported by gas pressure spring, extended seat plate
- EASY UP 4420: Erecting supported by electric motor, extended seat plate

Technical Data:
Height: 112.3 to 132.3 cm
depth: 103,5 cm
width outside: 75,2 cm
Width inside (between the wheels): 63.0 cm
Underclearance: 31 mm
Parking brakes: all four castors
Upper body support: movable - erectable
Verticalisation: servo-supported, electrical
Power supply: rechargeable batteries
average battery charging time: 6 to 8 hours
Battery charge status display: Multicolor display on the joystick
Automatic switch-off: standard
Overload signal: acoustic and visual
Service life/strokes: approx. 30, under load with fully charged batteries
Emergency stop belly switch: Standard
Emergency stop switch: Standard
Body height: 140 to 200 cm
permissible body weight max.: 140 kg

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.




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