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Carveo Duschwagen

Product Type:
Shower trolley

Areas of Application:
- Ease of care aid
- Bedriddenness
- Immobile patient

According to the provider, the shower trolley has an intuitive control panel and ergonomic handles.
The inserted mattress is soft and the sides are reinforced. Edge reinforcements make it easier to move the patient around in mattresses.

Features / Components:
- electrically powered height adjustment with built-in soft start function.
- electrically powered adjustment of the backrest (optional) with built-in soft start function.
- two removable batteries and battery charger.
- foldable safety supports with width adjustment.
- built-in shower handle holder.
- split drain hose, which makes two lengths possible for the drain hose.
- drain screw.
- soft, easily removable mattress with recessed drainage channels and side reinforcements
- soft pillow
- parking brakes on all four castors
- Emergency stop device
- Warning buzzer for low battery charge

Technical Data:
Product weight: 82 kg
stroke range: 350 mm
min. Lifting height (from floor to patient platform): 605 mm
Max. Lifting height (from the floor to the patient platform): 955 mm
width (couch): 586 mm
overall width (including side supports in the folded position): 759 mm
overall width (including side supports in the extended position): 888 mm
length inside (length on the underside of the mattress): 1900 mm
total length (including head / foot board): 2005 mm
length chassis: 1211 mm
width chassis: 700 mm
height of the chassis (above the castors): 204 mm
max. Patient weight: 182 kg
Max. Total load: 200 kg

Price (without guarantee):
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Arjo Deutschland GmbH


Arjo Deutschland GmbH

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