Assistive Product Schweiß-Kabinen-Vorhang T 50 | Schweiß-Kabinen-Vorhang T 55 | Schweiß-Kabinen-Vorhang T 75

Product Type:

protective curtain for welder
for different Welding Processes

Areas of Application:

for example, to avoid seizure-inducing flickering light in Epilepsy


The Welding Cabin Curtain can be used as a splash guard, spark arrestor, sunscreen, and room partitioning.
All accessories are available in variable sizes and shapes for easy self-assembly.

Features / Components:

- Curtain: transparent curtain with tear-proof welded plastic eyelets
- Snaps: plastic side snaps to link multiple curtains together
Hooks: each hook 7 hooks required

Price (without guarantee):

79.00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH
Schlieffenstr. 40
71636 Ludwigsburg
Germany Telephone: 07141 498-40 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Overall dimensions (L x W): 1800 x 1300 mm
Diameter eyelets: 12 mm
Weight: approx. 1.6 kg



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Last Update: 17 Jul 2019