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Savant Elite2 Fußpedal Triple

Product Type:
Foot switch

Areas of Application:
- Hand or arm impairment

The Savant Elite2 foot pedal Triple offers relief for your arms, hands and fingers. The foot pedal takes on a large number of mouse clicks and key combinations. Its easy to use and a handy support for typing. The actions of all 3 pedals can be controlled with simple programming. Virtually any word processing program available can be used. The programming ex works offers the left, right and double mouse click.
Savant Elite2 works on the basis of the generic HID (human interface device) and the drivers are provided by the respective operating system. The pedal is optionally available with an additional cable socket to which another pedal can be connected. The manufacturer also offers a waterproof version.

Features / Components:
- Extra long 275cm USB cable
- Optionally with additional socket (Additional Jack) for additional input device
- Optional as a waterproof version
- Rounded design for easy activation
- Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Chrome

Technical Data:
Dimensions: W 27.3 x D 17.8 x H 3.17 cm
Weight: 1.13 kg

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Kinesis Corporation



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