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Hörbehinderten- Mund- und Nasenmaske

Product Type:
- Face mask with viewing window
- Mouth and nose mask for the hearing impaired

Areas of Application:
(Information from the provider)
- No certification - not medically or otherwise tested
- Hearing impairment

The mouth and nose mask is Equipped with two ties to tie them together behind the head. The elastic bands are attached behind the ears.
The masks are made in one size. The fit depends on the size.
It is not recommended to wash the mask in the washing machine, otherwise changes to the polycarbonate film may occur.

Features / Components:
- 100% Oeko Tex 100 cotton (1-ply), chemically treated
- Techmed fleece outside, 80% polyester, 20% viscose (toxicologically harmless, latex-free, no use of optical brighteners
- Viewing window Polycarbonate
- Ties or elastic around the head. Fit depends on size.
- Nose bridge
- Special size available for children and young people.
- Can not be exchanged
- Can be reused approx. 40 times
- Do not iron and do not tumble dry

Price (without guarantee):
3 pieces 42.00 EUR
5 pieces 69.00 EUR
10 pieces 135.00 EUR
20 pieces 60.00 EUR
50 pieces 612.50 EUR
including delivery and VAT
retail price

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Blusenkontor GmbH


Blusenkontor GmbH

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