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DAW-Nylon-Schutzhülle, Standard

Product Type:
Form selection for DAW protective covers

Areas of Application:
- Standard sheaths are mainly used in combination with short prostheses
- the stockings are worn between skin and woolen stockings
- thigh, lower leg stumps and bone articulation

Features / Components:
- highly elastic and fine-meshed stockings
- the tanned inside ensures a secure adhesion to the skin
- the outside is smooth and guarantees a good glide of the woolen stockings
- Quality:Nylon, mesh resistant

The abutment or thigh circumference is measured at the upper end of the prosthesis edge.
The strut shape (A, B, C, D, E) is determined on the basis of the measured circumference.
The length of the stocking is also measured at the upper end of the prosthesis margin. It must, however, be noted that the stockings still have a hem for turning over. The hem has a height of 10 cm and is not measured with.

Price (without guarantee):
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Friedrich Georg Streifeneder KG


Friedrich Georg Streifeneder KG

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