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Kommunikationsverstärker CM-2.4

Product Type:
- Sound transmission system
- Communication system
- FM system with pocket transmitter and pocket receiver

Areas of Application:
- Hearing impairment
- Hearing aid wearers
- Carriers of CI systems

For unidirectional applications, there is a small transmitter with connections for Headset and a plug-in microphone are available. When switched on, the device is ready for operation and an LCD display shows the respective status. The menu-driven operation is carried out using three buttons. Depending on the environment, the maximum range is up to 300 m and the transmission time per battery charge is around 20 hours.
The assigned receivers, also equipped with an LCD display, have two outputs for connecting hearing components, standard or individual - for example Headphones or earphones. It is also possible to connect Teleschlingen. These transmit the word inductively to suitably equipped hearing aids. Hearing impaired people can also receive the sound in their hearing aids and in their individual volume, almost undisturbed by ambient noise.

Features / Components:
- 2.4 GHz digital transmission
- listen with headphones, earphones or inductively
- hear in acoustically more difficult Environment
- CM-2.4 transmitter
- CM-2.4 receiver
- plug-in microphone
- in-ear earphones
- headphones
- teleloop
- 2 x belt clip
- 2 x carrying sling
- 2 x USB charging cable
- 2 x USB Power supply unit

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor

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