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Alpha Gleitmatte RS PM-2070 / PM-2076

Product Type:
lifting mat for Wheelchair

With the OneWaySlide Maxi, the user has the opportunity to move around in the wheelchair or chair independently or with the help of a second person.
The OneWaySlide Maxi is made of polyester, polyethylene and the lubricious Material Ultra Low Friction.
The OneWaySlide Maxi prevents the user from slipping and thus stabilizes the sitting position.
The grips allow the user to be pulled back by a helping person with less effort.

Features / Components:
Material:Polyester / Nylon

Technical Data:
Size:130 x 45 cm

Price (no guarantee):
205.00 EUR including VAT (sales)
Retail price
Price Date:09.07.2018



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Petermann GmbH


EKH Strunk GmbH

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