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Schlingengerät, fahrbar STANDARD

Product Type:
Traveling Loop Device

For ceiling, wall or space problems. Depending on the intended use, the sling device can be moved and positioned to the desired treatment location.

Features / Components:
- Profile frame construction with square steel tube up to 60 x 60 mm
- Impact and scratch resistant plastic coated in white
- Large foot extension
- Add-on wheel frame with tender rollers
- 100 x 50 cm sling grid made of 30 x 30 mm square steel tube that protrudes well over half of the treatment area
- 5 mm corrugated grid in 50 x 50 mm grid, in white plastic-coated or galvanized

Technical Data:
Total height: 200 cm
Height loop lattice: 198 cm
Foot length: 105 cm
Outside foot width: 80 cm
Inside foot width: 65 cm

Price (without guarantee):
767.55 EUR including VAT (sales)
Retail price
Price Date: 12.08.2019


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Özpinar Therapiegeräte GmbH


Özpinar Therapiegeräte GmbH

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