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DoKEP Gurtband-Netze

Product Type:
Load securing net
Different versions

Areas of Application:
for example to relieve the musculoskeletal system

The product selection and description of the ergonomic advantages was made by the AG Ergonomics of BG Construction:
In the whole range of construction work Materials and materials transported by vehicles. Here are goods of different shapes and sizes. These must be stowed and secured by load securing devices.
When using load securing nets, lashing work can be reduced to a minimum. It can be summarized many small cargo units that previously had to be secured individually. This reduces the effort required and relieves the strain on the back and the hand-arm system.

Features / Components: Can be used on all existing lashing points Flexible flexible anchoring through triangles integrated in the net
Low weight

Technical Data:
Belt width: 25 mm
LC of lashing points: 400/500/800 daN
zGM: up to 2/5 / 7,5 t (Van)
Number of quick release: up to 6 pieces
Load weight: up to 2500 kg

Options / Accessories:
- infinitely adjustable Vario telescopic rod
- Expansion Net

Price (no guarantee):
from 308,00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)


DIN 75410-3 / DIN EN 12640

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Dolezych GmbH & Co. KG


Dolezych GmbH & Co. KG

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