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Heidelberger Sprachentwicklungstest (HSET)

Product Type:
- Diagnostic material

Areas of Application:
- Psychological test
- Clinical psychology
- Speech therapy
- For patients with language development disorders

The Heidelberg language development test is a special development test for differentiating the language skills of children between the third and ninth year of life. It can also be used successfully in older age groups in children with developmental and learning disorders. The HSET consists of 13 theoretically and empirically well-founded sub-tests which, in addition to the diagnosis of observable speech behavior, enable statements to be made about the knowledge requirements and processing mechanisms on which the behavior is based.

Features / Components:
- Understanding grammatical structures
- Singular - Plural - Education
- Imitation of grammatical structural forms
- Correction of semantically inconsistent sentences (only for children over 5 years)
- Formation of derivation morphemes, 6th naming flexibility (only for children over 5 years)
- Term classification
- Adjective derivation
- Relationship- Setting verbal and non-verbal information
- encoding and recoding of intended intentions (only for children over 5 years)
- sentence formation
- word finding
- text memory
- implementation depending on age group 40 to max. 80 minutes

Price (without guarantee):
289.72 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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