Assistive products in this field can be used in private areas to improve or monitor health, for therapeutic purposes and for the training of physical, intellectual and social skills.

These assistive products can:

  • Improve breathing
  • Stimulate blood circulation through the compression of body parts
  • Promote the healing of skin diseases by light irradiation
  • Purify the blood or check blood values
  • Support the correct and autonomous use of medication
  • Train memory retention, concentration or special skills such as writing, reading or social behaviour
Inhaler Device

Respiration and tracheostomy aids

These include, for example, inhalers, respirators, oxygen units, suction units and respiratory training devices to improve breathing and the cannulas, as well as providing protection for artificial openings of the trachea (tracheostomy).

Compression Glove with Zip

Compression therapy

Compression stockings, compression garments, compression bandages and tubing for exerting pressure on specific body parts. The compression is active or passive.


Light therapy

Equipment for light therapy for the treatment of diseases.

Electro-Stimulation Device

Stimulation therapy und thermal therapy

In this area, stimulators, vibrators and noise masks can be found to improve or stabilize bodily functions and assistive products for heat and cold therapy.

Mobile Dialysis Machine

Dialysis therapy and sterilising equipment

Dialysis machines for purifying blood with impaired renal function and sterilization equipment.

Syringes of varying thickness


Products in this area such as dosage aids, injection or infusion pumps can be found to support the temporal and quantitative administration of medication.

Blood Sugar Measuring Device

Equipment for measuring and testing body values

Test strips and devices for urine and blood analysis, blood pressure monitors, ECG machines, thermometers, and weight scales to measure and evaluate physical conditions.

Wooden geometrical shapes for eye training

Perceptual training

These assistive products train the correct perception and mental processing of external stimuli. The stimuli can be picked up by the eyes, ears and other sensory organs.

Bicycle Ergometer

Training of physical skills

These include, for example, bicycle ergometer, walking trainer, standing frame, hand and leg training equipment and biofeedback devices.

Wooden Geometric Shapes

Training of perception and cognition

These assistive products train the correct perception and procession of external stimuli. The stimuli can be picked up by the eyes, ears and other sensory organs.

Wooden Cards as lower case letters

Training of communication

Software and other assistive products to learn and practise reading, writing, speaking, or alternative and supported communication.

Daily Schedule Planner

Training of basic skills and educational subjects

Software and other assistive products to acquire and improve basic knowledge as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills in different fields .

Training of the Mouse Control

Training of daily living activities and social skills

Software, colour charts, books and other resources for practicing everyday activities and the learning of social behaviour.