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VacuAide QSU 7314P / 7314D

Product Type:
Secretion aspirator with normal suction power

- Thoracic drainage
- Nasogastric suction system

Features / Components:
- Portable
- for the upper respiratory tract
- Operation on mains and rechargeable battery
- Toggle switch and Shutdown
- Infinitely variable vacuum control
- with LED display
- with hydrophobic self-closing bacterial filter (for 800 ml container, integrated in the lid)
- integrated vacuum regulator in the manometer
- optional, autoclavable collection container available with 1.2 l capacity
- can also be operated with a functional bag (shoulder bag)
- accessories can be stowed in the bag
- filling level of the container can be read through a viewing window

Technical Data:
Weight:3 kg
Height:21.1 cm
Width:20.3 cm
Depth:21.6 cm
Suction power:27 l / min
Disposable secretion container:0.8 l
Operating noise:55 dB (A)
suction hose (length):200 cm
Battery life:max. 60 min
charging time:10 to 17 h

Two versions of the VacuAide QSU are available:
- Rechargeable battery version 7314P
- Powered version 7314D

Options / Accessories:
Accessories are listed on the Accessories tab Homepage of the manufacturer

- Basic device
- Function bag
- Patient tube (1.8 m)
- Multivolt power supply and 12V vehicle adapter

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

more details on the product
VacuAide 7314D
VacuAide 7314P

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DeVilbiss Healthcare GmbH


DeVilbiss Healthcare GmbH


Börgel GmbH Beatmungsmedizinische Dienstleistungen und Technik

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