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S8 Elite / S8 Elite mit HumidAire 3i

Product Type:
sleep apnea device

- not for patients who require continuous ventilation
- severe bullous lung disease
- pneumothorax
- pathologically low blood pressure
- dehydration
- cerebrospinal fluid leak, recent cranial surgery or trauma

Features / Components:
- CPAP device for treating sleep-disordered breathing
- for non-life-support treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults
- with ramp function for slow pressure increase during the falling asleep
- SmartStart - / stop system to automatically start and stop therapy with up or doffing
- Smart Data for therapy self-monitoring by the patient
- Data retrieval via ResScan Data Card or via a PC cable
- delivery consisting of the basic unit with power cord, breathing hose (2m), filter, carrying case and user manual
- used in combination with the heated humidifier HumidAire 3i
- humidifier either available as optional accessory or supplied with the basic unit included

Technical Data:
weight:1,3 kg
Height:11.2 cm
width:16.4 cm
Depth:14.5 cm
voltage:100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz; optional 12/24 VDC
power consumption:about 110 W
Operating noise:<30 dB (A) at 10 hPa
Temperature (operating):+5 to +40 degrees C
Temperature (positioning):-20 to 60 degrees C
Therapymodus:CPAP operating
pressure range:4 to 20 hPa
Breath pressure gauge:digital
ramp time:adjustable

in 5-minute increments Order number:33031
SHI number:

Alternatively, there is this sleep apnea equipment, including respiratory humidifier:

product Order no. SHI-No.
S8 Elite with HumidAire 3i 33031 + 33911

Price (without guarantee):
The Prices are available on request from the manufacturer.


CE 0120


GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis / /

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