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Product Type:
Driving device for people in wheelchairs

Areas of Application:
(according to the provider)
- Disabilities of the lower body
- cerebral palsy
- spinal cord injuries
- amputees
- Paraplegics
- for rough terrain

The driving device uses roller skate poles to propel and tilt the body. It is equipped with shock absorbers and special wheels for rough terrain.
The seat width and the seat angle as well as the knee and lower leg supports can be adjusted individually to achieve an optimal sitting position.
The pillows are pressure reducing.
With Spike you can steer by moving the upper body to either side and at the same time using the ski poles to generate a forward drive. If you have an uneven weight distribution or are stronger on one side, this can be adjusted.
Spike has front and rear brakes and a handbrake for both. That way you can stop.
The device can be folded up to save space.

Technical Data:
Length: 116 cm
Weight: 14.3 kg
Maximum user weight: 110 kg
Seat width: 32 - 41 cm
Seat angle: 30 degrees - 60 degrees
Leg length: 31 - 55 cm
Calf length: 32 - 57 cm

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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Exero Technologies AS


Exero Technologies AS

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