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Conform Bettmatratzenauflage

Product Type:
mattress system

Areas of Application:
- Pressure ulcer prophylaxis
- Pressure ulcer therapy
- Pressure ulcers III to IV

The mattress system can be used as an additional support on conventional bed supports.
The bed mattresses are made up of individual segments that are attached to each other using connecting strips, so that a continuous, homogeneous lying surface is created. Two valves, opposite each other on the side of the mattress parts, allow operation from either side of the bed. The air is filled individually for each individual part in order to obtain the best possible adaptation to the weight and body contour of the patient. The segments are covered with a fitted sheet. For incontinent patients, the additional use of a mattress cover is required.
The air cells connected by a duct system form a communicating system that evenly distributes any pressure exerted on them. The uniformity of the pressure produced prevents so-called peak pressure, which could arise in particularly vulnerable areas (trochanter, heel elbows, etc.) and promotes blood circulation and skin care at these areas.
The individual segment has a size of 48 x 85 cm, when connected to one another, a contact area of ??192 x 85 cm is achieved.

BMC2 pad with 2 inflatable mattress parts, 1 head and 1 foot part made of PE cold foam
BMC3 pad with 3 inflatable mattress parts, 1 head part made of PE cold foam
BMC4 pad with 4 inflatable mattress parts

Technical Data:
Order number: Mattress: Dimensions:
BMC2 2-part 192 x 85 cm
BMC3 3-part 192 x 85 cm
BMC4 4 pieces 192 x 85 cm

Options / accessories:
- Individual mattress segments
- connecting strips
- Headboard made of cold foam with cover and integrated connecting strip
- Fematex mattress cover

Price (without guarantee):
BMC2 1,499.40 EUR including VAT
BMC3 2,058.00 EUR including VAT
BMC4 2,499.00 EUR including VAT
Retail price
Price date: 15.01.2020


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Wolff Kunststoffe GmbH


Wolff Kunststoffe GmbH


MSI Medizinischer Bedarf GmbH

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