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Product Type:
Therapy table with belly cut

Areas of Application:
(information by the provider)
- therapeutic devices
- occupational therapy
- Physiotherapy
- Rehakliniken
- immobile patients as bar table
- Exercise table or desk

The multifunctional treatment table Cut is (160 x 110 cm) by means of a hand crank / gas spring tilt (0-90 degrees) and height (52 cm -102 cm) adjustable. The table top made of multiplex birch has more than 150 system holes and a plurality of through holes, plugged into the according to need practice materials or the basic pillars are screwed that meet as a basis then different functions for a variety of exercises.
The frame made of square tubing is powder coated in light gray (RAL 7035). The tray is equipped with 4 lockable castors with. The KOGTI can be folded and then requires an installation area of ??70 cm x 160 cm

Accessories for exercises for the treatment from head to toe, motor and cognitive

Price (without guarantee):
From 1,429.00 EUR plus VAT.
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Price Date:08/28/2015



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