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Stapelbehälter Serie 1-1 / Stapelbehälter Serie 1-4

Product Type:
stacking containers

Areas of Application:
for example, to improve the gripping space

The stack containers are transport carriers and delivery carriers. They are used for the provision of small parts in the workplace, for filing, for transport and for temporary storage of everyday objects. The stacking containers can also be used as drawers in appropriate cabinets. Optionally available with labeling plates, pull-out lock, non-slip rubber feet and / or handle hole in the drawer bottom

Features / Components:
- Standard inserts:insertable
- stackable depending on the model

Price (without guarantee):
The prices are available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Büromarkt Böttcher AG

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  • work equipment /
  • workplace design /
  • electrically conductive /
  • small component storage /
  • storage container /
  • stacking box /
  • ISO 28 15 /
  • ISO 28 15 03 /
  • assistive product for the workplace and vocational training /
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  • storage and supply system



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