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MOTOmed viva2

Product Type:
Motion training device for legs and arms

Areas of Application:
(Details of the supplier)
- neuromuscular and neurological disorders
- Multiple sclerosis
- Stroke
- Cross-section lesion
- Skull-brain injuries
- Parkinson's disease
- Musculoskeletal disorders
- Spastic paralysis
- loss of leg and arm mobility
- Movement restrictions
- orthopedic diseases

Special applications of the MOTOmed viva2:
- limited arm, hand and finger motor
- Visual and perceptual disturbances
- low self-sufficiency and disturbed depth-sensitivity
- general understanding problems with device operation

The unit offers the possibility of motor-driven (passive), motor-assisted (assistive) and active training.

Passive training:
The legs and arms are warmed, loosened and muscle tone is reduced. If a spasticity nevertheless occurs during the training, this is recognized by the integrated movement protection and solved by the spastic relaxation program according to the therapeutic principle of antagonistic inhibition.

Active training with motor support (ServoTreten):
The user trains with low, own muscle strength and the motor of the MOTOmed supports the activation of residual muscle forces via the ServoTreten function.

Active Training:
The user can actively train against delicate doses, from very easy to very difficult.

Aims of the MOTOmed therapy (data of the provider):
- Maintain, build and loosen muscles
- Reduce spasticity
- Relieve consequences of lack of movement
- Improve bladder function
- Stabilize heart and circulation
- promote walking ability
- Re-discover and train residual muscle muscles
- Strengthen psyche and wellbeing

Features / Components:
- Entry and exit assistance
- MOTOmed movement protection
- smooth start and stop
- 13 different therapy procedures for individual therapies
- Spasticity loosening program with automatic change of direction
- ServoTreten
- Symmetry training
- Operating unit with operating aid
- Large screen (11.3 x 8.5 cm)
- Training evaluation
- Motivational program MOTOmax for fun and variety

Options / Accessories:
Accessories for individual adaptation on request.

Price (without guarantee):
On request at:Sales




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RECK-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

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