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Zimmerrollstuhl RZ Mini

Product Type:
Grip wheelchair for indoor use

The RZ-Mini wheelchair is particularly suitable for use in the home due to its small and narrow design. The rear wheels do not or only slightly protrude beyond the seat surface in the rear area. Due to this construction and the pivoting armrests, the user can get in and out of the wheelchair from the side. The RZ mini is available in various designs.

Features / Components:
- Frame: steel, conical chassis, rigid
- Push handle
- Back: removable, padded backrest
- Seat: upholstered seat
- Armrests: can be swiveled up
- Legrests: firmly connected to the chassis
- Footrests: divided, height-adjustable, foldable
- Drive: push-wheel drive
- Tires: puncture-proof tires
- Brakes: tire brake / parking brake
- Other: wheel cover, tipping aid
- Color: frame: gray, cover: patterned

Technical Data:
Overall width: 51 cm (seat width 40 cm, standard), 56 cm (seat width 46 cm)
Overall height: 93 cm
Overall length: 72-101 cm (depending on the variant), 98 cm (standard)
Seat width: 40 cm (standard ), 46 cm (optional)
seat depth: 44 cm
seat height: 53 cm
drive wheels: 20 inches
steering wheels: 150 x 32 mm
weight: 15.9-18.2 kg (depending on the variant), 17.4 kg (Standard)
Load capacity: 100 kg

Options / Accessories:
The standard version of the RZ-Mini can be supplemented and changed with accessories. This results in the following model variants:

Variants for people with leg amputees on both sides:
- the leg supports are connected to one another by a metal bracket
- with adjustable anti-tip castor

multi-purpose variant:
- frame widened at the front
- with adjustable anti-tip castor
- suitable for users after a leg amputation
- also suitable as a triple wheelchair
- expandable with accessories

swivel foot bracket variant:
- frame widened at the front
- swiveling foot bracket (the length of the wheelchair can be shortened by 22 cm by swiveling in the foot bracket)

variant with removable leg supports:
- Frame widened at the front
- removable leg supports
- split, foldable footrests

variant with toilet seat
- built-in toilet seat
- with removable, padded plug-in seat
- toilet container that can be pulled out to the front

This toilet facility can be installed in all variants of the RZ-Mini .

If the wheelchair is mainly used as a push wheelchair, is on A push bar with ergonomic handles is available in place of the handlebar.

Price (without guarantee):
The prices are available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Rollstuhlbau Bräunig


Rollstuhlbau Bräunig


Sanitätsfachhandel Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

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