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Pedalo Fußtrainer

Product Type:
Foot training device for the correction of leg axes

Areas of Application:
(information of the supplier)
- movement training device
- foot training
- Training of the foot screw
- Stabilization and correction of leg axes
- Foot malpositions (flat foot, splay foot, bent foot and flat foot)
- Heel straightening for pronation and supination
- Arch build-up and foot bolting
- Correction of knee position and hip position
- Big toe obliquity / hallux
- Stabilization of transverse arch and longitudinal arch, foot rolling technique and foot strike

The Pedalo foot trainer can be used to train foot problems in all movement axes extension, flexion, supination and pronation, depending on the positioning of the tilt bars. The tilt bars are fixed to the underside of the stand board with Velcro, separately for forefoot and hindfoot.
The decisive factor here is that the two flexibly connected standing boards for forefoot and hindfoot can act independently of each other. Thus, the natural foot screw and a stable upper and lower ankle joint can be functionally trained and the leg axis (knee and hip), which builds on and depends on it, can be stabilized and positioned.

Technical Data:
Load capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 0.85 kg
Length: 330 mm
Width: 120 mm
Height: 30 mm

Price (without guarantee):
119,95 EUR including VAT.
End user price



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Holz-Hoerz GmbH


Holz-Hoerz GmbH

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