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LANAMED Anti-Dekubitus Rollstuhlauflage

Product Type:
Lambskin cushions for wheelchairs and chairs

Areas of Application:
- People in wheelchairs
- Office chairs or other seats

LANAMED is an Australian medicinal skin in which the leather back has been replaced by a special breathable fabric. The lambskin is free from vegetable contamination. The LANAMED can be machine washed with normal color or mild detergents up to 60 degrees C and is suitable for tumble drying. In clinical use, it is washable at 95 degrees C. The cushion is equipped with fastening strips.

Features / Components:
Color: dark blue

Technical Data:
(W x D): Price:
40 cm x 45 cm EUR 89.00
45 cm x 50 cm EUR 99.00
45 cm x 55 cm EUR 109.00
40 cm x 85 cm EUR 119.00
45 cm x 85 cm EUR 129.00
50 cm x 140 cm EUR 179.00

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Schäfer Lammfelle GmbH


Schäfer Lammfelle GmbH

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